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Lollypops: An Indian farmhouse with an ‘artificial sky’

Farm Bureau deputy director Suresh Kumar said in an email to The Hindu that he was “absolutely not aware” of the new “artificial” crop.

But, he said, “if they want to change the name of the field from ‘Lollypoop Farm’ to ‘Malibu Farm’, I hope they will do so without any loss of the original name.”

The Malibu Farm is a small, single-story, five-room house built by the owners of the farm, who live in the Malibu area of California.

The house is in the backyard of the home.

A sign outside reads: “Malibu, California, USA” and “Malibirds.”

The house was built by L.S.G. & Sons in 2006.

L. S. G. & Son is a conglomerate that owns a number of Indian and Chinese companies, including the Malibirds, and has also owned a number and large-scale Indian and African farms, including a Malibu farm.

According to a press release, L. & S.G.’s Indian business has over 40 million square feet of land.

In the UK, a group called Landowners Rights Network, which represents some of India’s largest landowners, has described the Malabirds farm as “a giant, sprawling multi-million-acre plot of land in the heart of the Indian state of Gujarat.”

The land belongs to the Hindu Association of the Hindu Community, and the Malbens own house is situated in the “home” of a Hindu temple.

The group says the Malibiys house is “unparalleled in the history of Malibu, a city of over three million people and home to one of the largest Hindu communities in the world.”

“This is the biggest Indian property in the state of California, and L.&S.

G.’s ownership of the land is the largest of its kind anywhere in the country,” the group wrote.

“The Malibu Malibiy farm is one of only four such properties in the U.S., the other two being Malibu and Rancho Santa Fe.”

The group claims that the MaliBirds farm is “the largest private land in California.”

The farm is owned by the Malavids family and the rest of the owners have no connection to the farm.

“This massive property, which was originally purchased in 2006, is now owned by L S. & s.

G.,” the group said in a statement.

“It is a massive property that has no connection whatsoever to the Malibus, the Malii, or any of the Maliamens family members.

This is the Malabiys largest private property in California, which has no ties to the family or any family members whatsoever.”