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When you need a farm-fresh lunch in the Mendocino National Forest

Farmers and ranchers around the Mendo Canyon national park have a new menu item: The Phat Farm.

The farm is located just west of the Bitterroot River in Mendocina National Forest.

“They do the PhatFarm, where you get the whole phat, it’s so good,” says Jim Bittles, director of the park.

“And then we’ve got our traditional ranch, which is the beef stew.”

Bittls is a farmer and rancher from the Mendoconias.

His family owns two cattle ranchers who have been growing and selling meat for over 30 years.

“We started out with the cattle,” he says.

“But it was just the two of us.

So we moved to the ranch, and then we started the phatFarm.”

The phat Farm is located on the property of Jim Bitterroots, in the southern Mendocinos Bitter Root Wilderness, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) south of Fresno.

The Phats farm is the first phatfarm in the park since the early 1990s.

“The phat was something that we had never done,” says Bitts.

He has been doing the Phats Phat Farmer’s Market every Saturday since the first one took place in 1992.

Bittl is one of a number of people who started farming phat in the 1970s and 80s.

The name Phat comes from the family name of a Phat farmer in California, who is also a former cattle rancher.

Phat is a term used to describe the taste of a piece of beef.

Beef Phats are made from the leg of the cow that has been cut off and ground into a flour.

The flour is mixed with spices and seasonings and then mixed with water, which helps to soften the meat.

The resulting meal is then ground into flour that can be ground into phat or a blend of both.

The phats are eaten with a salad or bread, or topped with a sauce, or a side of corn.

“When you have a big, big, phat of beef, it goes into the stew, the stew is like a meat stew,” says Bob Vassiliou, a food historian at the University of California, Davis.

The meat stew is usually prepared with the beef, but it can also be made with chicken or turkey.

“I don’t know how long it’s been in the stew,” he laughs.

Vassilou says the name Phats originated with a Phats family who were from Italy.

The family is based in Florence, where Vassile is a professor in the department of food and environmental science.

“It’s very Italian,” he explains.

“A little bit of it was from Sicily, but most of it came from the Basque region of Spain.

They were farmers.”

Phat farming in the past had been difficult.

Vinsilou remembers the last time he saw a phat farmer was during World War II.

“My dad and my grandfather, both got married, and the first thing they did was bring their horses back and go up to the hill and feed the horses,” he recalls.

“Then they’d go down to the farm and feed them.

But the only thing they were doing was putting a pile of grain on top of the grain to make a stew, and they were getting the beef.

So it was kind of tough to make any kind of a big batch of beef.”

But the past few years, Vassiles family has started to see some success.

“There’s a lot of interest in making beef stew,” Vassils says.

He says that’s because the family has had success in making other types of phat.

“Our phat is so good that we started making it in a big pot,” he said.

“You can make it at home, or you can buy it in the market, and that’s what people want to buy.

People want to try the phats.”

In the past, the family would sell the beef and then return it to the market.

But now that demand is increasing.

“People want to eat beef stew, they want to get a little bit more flavor,” Valsiliou said.

The next step is to create a phats menu.

“This is where we’re going to make the phata farm,” he explained.

The foodie community is still coming to terms with the phatt food.

“Now people have the idea that beef stew is something that they should be able to make at home,” Vssiliou says.

But he added that the meat stew can be used for any purpose.

“If you make it for a wedding or to have a celebration, it can be served as a meat pie, but then you could use it as a gravy,” he laughed.

Vssilou hopes that with the growth of the ph