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Which companies make money from selling your data?

On Tuesday, we’ll look at how the business of data mining is booming.

This is the third installment of Recode’s series looking at the business and economics of data.

In this installment, we talk about which data companies make and make money off of your data.


Amazon.com and Microsoft.

Amazon and Microsoft are two of the most powerful data companies in the world.

They have a wealth of data that you can use to build whatever you need, and Amazon and Microsoft have amassed a massive library of personal data.

As the companies that own the data, they’re going to profit from it, and they do so by selling it on the market.

In a way, the data you sell to them is a form of a business.

They sell data to people.

In some cases, this data can be used to make financial products.

Microsoft has said that it has no plans to sell its data on the open market.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is on a crusade to make the cloud a profitable business.

Microsoft is also one of the biggest providers of data for the world of business analytics.

Amazon has been selling data on its website since 2007, and it was the world’s largest online retailer until it was bought by Amazon in 2014.

Its online business is estimated to be worth $5.7 trillion.



Apple and Google are the two companies that have the most data on their websites.

Google’s own data comes from its own servers.

Apple has access to its own data from servers in the United States and Europe, as well as from some overseas data centers.

It has also built its own network of servers that connect to Google’s servers.

These servers are located in California, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea.



Microsoft has a big data problem.

It doesn’t want to sell your data, but it does have a business model that relies on it.

In the last year, Microsoft has invested heavily in its cloud computing infrastructure.

In December, Microsoft announced that it was buying a huge chunk of the cloud computing company Amazon.

It’s estimated that Microsoft’s cloud computing services have a value of about $2.5 trillion.


Apple and Google.

Apple has a lot of data on it, but Google doesn’t have much.

Google has its own server farms, which are in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Apple’s data centers are located near San Francisco and Austin, Texas, respectively.

Google is also a big player in the cloud market.

It uses Google Drive, which is the company’s own cloud-based file-sharing program.

Google says it has more than 100,000 terabytes of data stored on Google Drive.


Amazon and Google have a huge market share.

Amazon’s cloud is growing rapidly.

Its cloud computing business is growing at a rapid clip.

Its servers are all over the world, and its cloud business is valued at $1.6 trillion.

Google, meanwhile, has about a billion users on its services.

The company has its data centers in China, Brazil, and India.



Facebook has a very different business model.

Facebook is built on its data and analytics platform.

Facebook’s data and data analytics are used to build products that consumers want to buy.

Its services include its photo-sharing service, its social network, and the advertising network.

Facebook also sells advertising.

It sells ads on a massive scale.

Facebook says that its advertising revenue is now $17 billion a year.


Microsoft and Google and Facebook.

Microsoft and Google don’t compete directly.

Microsoft sells cloud computing and cloud services, while Google sells servers and its own cloud.

Microsoft says that it sells data and software to Microsoft Azure, and Google sells data to Google Compute Engine.


Apple doesn’t compete with Microsoft or Google.

Apple isn’t really a cloud competitor.

Apple stores its data in an open cloud service that Microsoft owns.

It also sells servers in a data center in Shenzhen.

Apple says that most of its revenue comes from the services that it provides to Apple customers.

Apple is also selling its own services and services to Apple App Store customers.


Microsoft wants to be a cloud company.

Microsoft’s CEO Satyan Kanter has said in the past that Microsoft is focused on being a cloud provider.

Microsoft plans to buy cloud services from Oracle, VMware, and others.

Microsoft currently sells its cloud services to Amazon.

Microsoft doesn’t make money selling data to anyone.


Amazon doesn’t profit from data mining.

Amazon isn’t selling data.

Amazon does sell its own software to Apple and other companies.

Amazon, meanwhile is selling data directly to customers.


Google doesn´t profit from its data mining business.

Google isn´t selling data, either.

Google also doesn’t sell its cloud products directly to Apple or other companies, either, and Microsoft doesn´ t sell data directly.

Google´s data and cloud products are available to millions of customers.


Apple makes