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How to buy the perfect farm

A farmer in northern Ontario has bought a farm in the US, a major step in the pursuit of farming for a much lower price.

The farm, called Walden Farms, is owned by the family of the late Bruce Walden, who founded the company that bears his name.

“I’m looking for the right partner for this farm, a good, reliable partner that can support us for the next 10 years,” Mr Walden told CBC News.

He said the family plans to sell it to a buyer.

The Waldens have been selling farm equipment and farming equipment to people in the U.S. for over a decade, with some selling the farm to pay for tuition for their son, Michael.

But Mr Waldon said his family has been buying farm equipment at a discount, because they don’t have to worry about tax consequences for moving farm equipment to Canada.

The farm was purchased by Mr Waldons, his son and other members of the family.

When Mr Wald, his father, Michael and his brother Wayne decided to buy their first farm in 2009, they had to start over from scratch.

They decided to look for someone to buy it, and they found Mr Wald.

The family had an agreement with Walden Equipment that allowed it to sell farm equipment as long as it met their needs.

After selling the property to the Waldens, the company also sold farm equipment from the Walden farm to farmers who had purchased it, Mr Wald said.

It was a big step for the Walders.

“Bruce Walden’s farm is still in business,” he said.

“It’s the only farm we’ve owned for over 70 years, and we’re very proud of that.”

Mr Walden said the farm will be a family business and his family will continue to farm it, selling farm tools, equipment and equipment, while he continues to sell his family farm equipment.

In the USThe farm has a total of 1,100 hectares (2,400 acres) of land and the farm has four barns.

Mr Waldon plans to build two more barns and a barn-house for the family’s son.

There are plans to convert the farm into a barn farm and an indoor dairy.

Walden Farms will be the first farm to be used by a family in North America.

This will allow for the use of farm tools on the farm, Mr, Walden added.

“That’s going to be an amazing addition to the farm and the family.” 

Waldens family is looking for a buyer to buy a farm that they purchased in 2011. 

Mr Walde said they will be making a commitment to continue to grow the farm.

(Supplied: Walden Farm)Mr Wald, Mr Wayne and their son Wayne are also planning to expand the farm with additional barns, so they can grow other crops. 

“I’ll be doing everything I can to sell as much as I can,” Mr Wayne said.