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How to avoid ‘suspicion’ over seafood farming in Bucharest

It’s not easy being a seafood farmer in Buchavian Bucharest.

It is.

But one of the most common problems facing the city’s farmers is being called ‘fish farm’ in front of their property.

For instance, in March of this year a group of people came to inspect a farm near Buchavu and threatened to have their property searched, while on another occasion a group visited the farm and said they were looking for ‘fish’.

While some of these people were farmers themselves, the term ‘fish farming’ is also used to describe some types of farming, which is often perceived to be risky.

As a result, farmers often avoid dealing with these concerns.

The main reasons for this are that it can be hard to know what to expect from any given farm, and that they often don’t want to offend anyone, especially when it comes to a local community that is already wary of fish farming.

For this reason, we have compiled a guide for people in Buchava to avoid suspicions over the possibility of ‘fish farms’ in their area.

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