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Farm sink kitchen – automatic farm sink

A new Farm sink Kitchen is coming to Farm Sanctuary.

Farm Sanctuary is one of the many Farm Sanctuary facilities to receive an automatic farm-sink kitchen.

The kitchen is the result of a partnership between Farm Sanctuary and Mod Farm.

It was built by the team from Mod Farm and was designed by Mod Farm’s own staff.

Farm Sanctuary was founded in the year 2020, and has since become one of Australia’s largest and most popular Farm Sanctuary farms.

It was founded to provide safe and healthy homes for farm animals.

The kitchen features a custom-built metal frame, designed by the Mod Farm team, with a glass top.

The Kitchen also features an automatic and manual farm sink.

The kitchen will provide the opportunity for Farm Sanctuary’s staff and volunteers to stay up to date on the latest farm-related news and developments.

It is expected to open to the public in early 2019.

Farm sanctuary is the largest farm-based Sanctuary in Australia.

The team behind the Kitchen is also behind Mod Farm, which runs the vast majority of the farm-owned farms in Australia, and is the third largest Farm Sanctuary in the world.