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Why Kate Farms are going to take the world by storm

A group of British farmers have decided to set up their own farm in a forest in Scotland.

The group, called Kate Farms, aims to create a sustainable and ecologically sensitive environment with the aim of providing food for a growing population in the country.

They’ve already received support from the Scottish government, which gave them a licence to operate.

Kate Farms said they are not seeking to make money from their farm.

They have raised more than £1.3m ($1.8m) in seed money, a further £500,000 in government grants and £1m in donations.

The farm will also be a place where people can reconnect with nature, as well as being a place to share ideas, build communities and engage in healthy living.

They want to establish a “culture of living”, where the idea is that the whole family will get involved in sustainable agriculture, which will be in the nature, the landscape, the soil and the land.

“We want to create an environment where people will not only feel the benefits of having a sustainable food system, but also feel a sense of belonging to the land,” said Kate Farms founder and director of sustainability and sustainability initiatives, Kelly Smithfield.

Kate Farms is part of a growing trend in UK farming.

There are plans to establish 400 new organic farms across the country by 2021.

There are also plans to build thousands of new organic food farms in the UK.

Some of the farmers in this series are from rural areas of England and Wales.