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‘We’re not worried’: The plight of a New Zealand farmworker

“I was just sitting in my car, watching the sun go down and I looked out the window, I was like, ‘What are we doing?'” she said.

“We were like, what are we supposed to do?

So we just kind of walked around the property and just talked to everybody.”

Ms Rainsford said the group’s main task was to check out what had happened to their neighbours.

“The other people who were out there, they were all scared, they’re all like, it’s like they’ve been there a month, it hasn’t been resolved.”

So they’re just sort of looking at each other and wondering what’s going on.

“And then the next day I just sort, I’m just like, wow, this is really happening.”

The group’s neighbours, who were also displaced due to climate change, were initially unaware of the group until they saw a Facebook post by the group and alerted them.

“They just thought it was some sort of hoax, and they’re like, yeah, this sounds like a really strange situation to us,” Ms Rainsfield said.

“We were really shocked by it and they were like they’re not looking out for us and that we should be more concerned about it.”

I just really wanted to make sure they weren’t being misled.

“The organisation, which is also known as the NZ Farmers Union, have been contacted for comment.

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