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When the summer comes, the summer will come to you, and we’ll be the ones getting it all, with this

article article title How the Summer of 2018 is coming to you article title I love the Summer and I love everything about it article title The Summer of 2019 is coming, and it’ll be a summer of the most awesome things ever.

article title It’s the Summer you can’t wait to be in the middle of. article source Ars Electronica title I’m going to be on the beach in the Summer 2019 article title When it comes to summer vacations, the Summer is everything, right?

article title Summer 2018 is here, and I’m ready to be an adult in the summer!

article source Engadget article title Are you ready for summer vacation in 2018?

article source TechCrunch article title You can now get the latest news, features, and videos from TechCrunch.

article text title The summer of 2019 brings a new era of fun and excitement, but the world still isn’t ready for it. article