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Mortimer Farms, the company that owns the farm in Mortimer County, is now buying its own land

The Mortimer farm is one of the few remaining examples of a farm that is still functioning after being abandoned decades ago.

The Mortimers have been living in the woods for over a century, but they were never really able to get the land they now own.

Now the company is buying their land and will begin planting and harvesting on their new land. 

Mortimer Farms is owned by Mortimer Capital, which was founded by former Mortimer Co. CEO Gary Mortimer. 

“It’s going to be a very exciting day when we start growing our own food, we’ll have the land and the people to grow it,” Mortimer said. 

Farmers in the area say that Mortimer is the first company that they’ve seen to really take care of the land, and it’s a very positive sign for the future of farming in the region.

“They’ve been working on it for years and they’re getting ready to start harvesting their own produce,” said Mortimer’s director of sales, John Siegel.

“Theres a lot of work that needs to be done on that land and there’s going be a lot more work to do in the future, but theres no doubt that the future will be brighter than it’s ever been before.” 

Moss-Meadows is one company that is planning to build a small factory on their land.

They are also planning to move their plant to the new farm, and have already secured some land that is available for the farm.

The company is hiring people for the job. 

For the next couple of years, the farm will be owned by a new company, called the Mortimer Farm Bureau Bank.

The bank is owned and operated by the Mortimer family. 

The bank will manage the Mortis’ property and the land on which they now live. 

After the land is acquired, Mortimer will move forward with its plans to move the farm to a new location.

The land will be used for farming purposes, and the company hopes to have a production facility on the property. 

A new business has also started up, called The Mortier Farms Inc. in the hope of growing more food on the farm and opening up new markets for the company. 

But there are a lot bigger questions about the Morter Farms, and its future.

How can they stay alive after decades of being abandoned?

How do they get to this place and survive? 

Morsimer said the farm has never been able to sustain itself and have a long-term plan to get their business back on track.

“We never really had any plan,” he said.

“We never had any idea of how we would survive. 

We never knew what we were going to do with the farm.”