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Watchdogs question new legislation in Ontario

Ontario is cracking down on food waste, saying it’s the responsibility of retailers to ensure food is prepared and sold safely.

In a letter sent to the province’s food service and waste departments Tuesday, the Ontario Association of Retailers and Food Service Workers says the legislation will have a “disappointing” impact on businesses and consumers.

The association said it’s asking the provincial government to reverse the ban on the use of plastic bags and containers.

The letter says that while there’s been some progress in making plastic bags reusable, it needs to be done more widely, and in a more effective way, so as to address the impact on consumers.

“The issue of plastic bag reuse is the most serious issue facing the province,” said David Wohl, the association’s president.

“There’s a real opportunity to increase recycling of plastic and recyclable waste and make Ontario a leader in this field.”

The province’s consumer watchdog has also weighed in on the issue.

In an interview with CBC Toronto, consumer advocate and consumer advocacy group Fair Share Ontario called the new law “unnecessary” and said there needs to more transparent oversight of businesses that use plastic bags.

“We’re going to have to continue to look at this issue and look at the impact of these new laws,” said Fair Share’s executive director, Lisa O’Malley.

“These new legislation is unnecessary because they’re not being implemented.

The government is not implementing the regulations.”

According to a statement from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, plastic bags can be recycled for food and beverage use.

The ministry said the new legislation will help to make the transition to a more sustainable industry.

The government said it will introduce a new regulation for food packaging that will ensure that “food packaging is designed to be reusable and compostable.”

Under the new regulations, the ministry said there will be a two-year transition period for businesses to begin recycling plastic bags for food.