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‘Dancing on My Own’: Alyssa Milano’s ‘My Life with Myself’ video features a friend who’s a model

The song, which is set in a small town in Pennsylvania, is about a woman named Amy, who moves to New York City in order to make a better life for herself.

“I can’t believe that she did it on her own,” Milano says.

“The world was not meant to be her.

The world was never meant to see her like this.”

The video is about Amy and her friendship with a model named Molly.

“It was really weird,” Milani says.

Milano was just six years old when she first saw Molly on the streets of New York, and she immediately started talking to her.

“She was a super nice person,” she says.

When Milano first met Molly, she asked if she could help out on her modeling career, and when she agreed, she didn’t think much of it.

“At the time, I thought she was just an ordinary model, a normal girl,” Milanani says of her first meeting with Molly.

Milani and Molly went on to work together on various projects, including a shoot for a clothing line.

“There was no one that had any idea of what a model was or what a human being was like,” Milany says.

After working together on the video, Milani decided to take a look at the photos she took of Molly on Instagram.

She says the photos show Molly being herself, and that Molly is a “pretty unique person.”

“I’ve never seen anything like that before,” Milana says.

She hopes the video will inspire other young people to look past their fears and focus on their inner beauty.

“This is how I want to start to change the world, the world that we’re living in,” Milania says.

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