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Wind farm project to include 100-foot-tall turbines

New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie says he will sign a bill Wednesday that will require wind farms to be 100 feet tall and include a wind turbine.

The bill, signed by Gov.

Jon Corzine, is aimed at protecting the environment by requiring wind farms and other large energy infrastructure to be built to meet national standards.

Corzine says he has not made a decision on whether to sign the bill, but he has promised to sign it, saying the state is working with the federal government to find a solution.

“I’m committed to supporting wind energy and we are working with federal agencies to come up with a solution,” Corzino said Wednesday on MSNBC.

A number of Republican governors have signed on to similar legislation.

Christie, a Republican, signed an energy bill in December.

Corwin said the state would use the wind energy revenue to pay for new research, construction and upgrades to infrastructure.

The legislation also aims to promote renewable energy.

Corzines energy commissioner said the bill would allow for projects to go forward, if they were not subject to environmental review.

The governor and state lawmakers say the wind farm is the right thing to do.

“The wind industry has shown that the cost of living has been getting better over time and is growing,” Corbin said.

“The new governor has a mandate to protect this industry from going out of business.”