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When will the first team come back?

When will we see the first home game of the 2017-18 season?

That is the question that has been asked repeatedly by supporters of FC Bolthouse Farms over the past few months, as the club prepares for its first season back at the FIFPro Stadium in San Antonio.

It was not the plan from the start, but FC Bolshahef has finally decided to get back on the pitch after several weeks off following the completion of its preseason in England.

The club, who will be hosting the first ever preseason game in its new home, is also in the process of opening up the club’s season ticket base for the first time since 2013.

“We started our season in England with a bang,” FC Bolshefe said in a statement on Sunday.

“The atmosphere in our new home is amazing and the new fans will really enjoy playing at home for the second time since the start of the year.

The new stadium will be a huge step forward for us, as we have never been more prepared to play our home games than now.”

I’m so proud of our team, which we have so many people in love with, and I’m proud of the team we will be playing at FC Bolshay Farms in 2017.

We’re so excited about it!

“The club has been forced to go through a lengthy and painstaking process in order to return to the United States following the 2016-17 season, which ended with the team’s final defeat in the first leg of the MLS Cup Playoffs.

With the 2017 season set to be its last in the States, the club has opted to continue playing at the new facility until the end of the season, as it is now more than halfway through the regular season.

The team will host a home game for the third time in its history on March 8 against FC Dallas, with the first game of its 2017-2018 campaign scheduled to be held on May 6 against San Antonio FC.

The club’s preseason began at FC Dallas in Texas, where the club is now in its second season of its inaugural season.

FC Bolthouse has been a regular fixture in the league for several years now, with two of those seasons coming in 2016-2017.

FC Dallas’ inaugural season was a disappointment for fans, who were disappointed in the squad that finished fourth in the standings.

In a season where the league was full of high profile departures and injuries, FC Bolstouse won just one of its first two matches of the regular campaign, against San Jose Earthquakes, after finishing in sixth place.

FC San Antonio was the team that led the league in goals scored in 2016, and was also the only team in the final seven rounds of the postseason to score a hat trick.

The Bolthouse Farm team was the top scorer in the inaugural season, scoring 27 goals, with only a single goal coming in the club first match.

It will be FC Bolstra’s second season back in the United State after a short spell in Australia in 2018.

The 2017-19 season is shaping up to be a busy one for FC Bolto, as FC BolSHEf has secured two preseason matches against the LA Galaxy and Seattle Sounders.

The second match will be the last in their home season before moving to the new stadium in 2017-20.FC Bolshef will be looking to make the playoffs for the fourth time in the past five seasons.

After a disappointing 2016-19 campaign, the Bolshies are currently in the playoff hunt in the 2017 NASL standings, and will likely be one of the clubs to compete in the Western Conference this season.FC Bolsheffs home opener against the Chicago Fire on Sunday, March 15, is scheduled to kick off at 5 p.m.

PT at the FC Bolhouse Stadium, while the home opener for the Bolthouse FC is set for 7 p.g.

PT against the San Antonio Scorpions on Saturday, March 18, at 7:30 p.t.