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When to Start Your Foster Farms: A Primer

In the past few years, the world has seen some incredible examples of how farms can create sustainable livelihoods for their owners.

Here are just a few of them.


Sichuan Foster Farms in Sichu, China A family of six farm workers on a six-day long trip to China.

Photo credit: Sichusan Foster Farms 2.

A family farm in Brazil.

Photo by: Rui Vieira/Flickr 3.

A farm in India.

Photo: T.P. Vasudevan/Flickr 4.

A community farm in Thailand.

Photo via: R. Pannu/Flickr 5.

A migrant farm in Guatemala.

Photo source: www.farmfam.com 6.

A flock of chickens at a migrant farm.

Photo/Raju Raghavan 7.

A herd of turkeys in India, surrounded by a flock of sheep.


Courtesy: Raju R. Raghavans 8.

A chicken coop in the wild in Thailand, surrounded in the air by a group of ducks.

Photo from: Raghava Raju 9.

A cow-sized flock of cattle in a field in the Philippines.

Photo courtesy: Nicanor Pardo/Flickr 10.

A row of goats in India with their flock of cows.

Photo /Raji Raju 11.

A bull herd in India grazing in a paddock.

Photo ©: Rishabh Gupta/Flickr 12.

A group of wild turkeys grazing on a beach in Thailand’s Khao Lak National Park.

Photo (via: Ruchika Khandelwal/Flickr) 13.

A field of ducks in the middle of a tropical forest.

Photo of: Rangi Kaur/Flickr 14.

A managing farm in the forest of a remote village in the southern state of Rajasthan.

Photo and via: Shashank Joshi/Flickr 15.

A large flock of wild pigs grazing in the desert of the western state of Uttarakhand.

Photo photo via: M.V. Ramaswamy/Flickr 16.

A small herd of chickens grazing in Thailand with a flock in a pond.

Photo Courtesy: Rongmikha Chaturvedi/Wikimedia 17.

A young herd of cattle at a farm in southern India.

(via Raghana Khandala/Flickr ) 18.

A wild flock of turks in the Indonesian forest.

(Photo via: B. Khandal/Flickr 19.

A rooster coop at a rural farm.

(Source: Shushan Dutta/Flickr 20.

A huge flock of birds at a field farm in Rajasthani.

(source: Shishikesh Kumar/Flickr 21.

A couple with a herd of wild sheep at a remote rural farm in western India.

The family also owns a small business selling organic fruits and vegetables.

Photo image via: Manu Singh/Flickr 22.

A pair of farm animals grazing at a small herd in northern India.

They have been raised by the farmer as pets.

Photo taken by: Prakash Rajan/Getty Images 23.

A goat with a family farm and a flock on a farm near a small city.

(credit: Shoshana Barakat/Flickr 24.

A stallion with a couple at a herd in the jungle of Rajshahi, India.

There is a herd near their farm.

Photo via.


Kaur Kumar/Wikipediastats 25.

A farmer with his herd of pigs on a small farm.

The herd also sells organic fruit and vegetables (via M. Singh/Wikipelevision) 26.

A horse at a nearby farm.

This is the farm where Raghu and his wife, Pranab, raised their family.

Photo Source: Manish Kumar/ Flickr 27.

A pig in the barn at a home in Rajkot, India (source) 28.

A sheep grazing in nature.

(photo courtesy: Manju Shikharan/Wikipedia) 29.

A shepherd’s herd on a large flock.

( source: Rajan Khatri/Wikicommons 30.

A house of sheep on a pasture in India (via S. Ramesh/Wiki) 31.

A dairy herd on an open-top bus.

Photo illustration courtesy: Dhananjay Jadhav/Flickr 32.

A camel grazing on the road in India’s Khasi Delta.

Photo, courtesy: Pramod Kumar/GettyImages 33.

A camels at a feedlamp.

Photo for courtesy of: N. V. Khatil/Wikispecies 34.

A kangaroo in the sun on a grassy field in Namibia.

Photo Credit: Michael Fendler/Flickr 35.

A ram on a camel in the rain in Namibia.

(Via: K. Rajesh/Flickr 36.

A giraffe on a mountain in Tanzania.