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Which states have the highest poverty rates?

On Thursday, Axios reported that the poverty rate for children living in poverty in the U.S. is now 9.6 percent, which is higher than the national rate of 8.6.

While the national poverty rate is 9.2 percent, the poverty rates in the nine states with the highest rates are even higher, including Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, Kentucky, Montana, Arkansas, Mississippi and South Dakota.

The report, titled “Income and Poverty in the United States,” found that the 10 states with higher poverty rates are: • Oklahoma, with a poverty rate of 15.7 percent • Kentucky, with 14.6% • Alabama, with 13.3% • Mississippi, with 11.5% • Georgia, with 10.7% • North Carolina with 10% • Louisiana, with 9.9% • Wisconsin, with 8.7%.