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The Christmas tree farm that fed the homeless

christmas trees were the symbol of the homeless in the New Zealand winter, a story told by the storytellers.

The stories are told in The Lad Book of Christmas Trees.

It tells the story of the family of four who had two Christmas trees in their garden.

“My family had three trees in the garden, one of which was the tree of joy, which was my favourite tree,” said Karen Molloy.

She said it had been a tradition for them for many years to gather around it for a long time.

“The tree was a bit big for me, so it took me a bit to get used to it, but I enjoyed it.”

It was the family’s first Christmas tree and it was a long way from the home they grew up in in the southern suburbs of Dunedin.

Karen’s mother, Sue, said they could never go out in the street without bringing the tree with them.

Her mother would always take the tree to the shop to pick it up and put it into the garden.

“I would bring it home and we would play around on it and then we would have dinner together and go out for a picnic and eat it together.”

She recalled how the family would put a bit of sugar on top of the tree and put their food down in the same basket.

“It was such a nice thing to have.

It was like we were doing something for the people.”

After her mother died in 2015, Karen said it was time to look after the trees.

Ms Mollox said there was always a little sadness around them.

“When you come into a situation like that, you feel like you’ve lost something, like your whole life has gone.”

“But I think what you do is you just get on with it and it doesn’t matter how much it hurts.”

There’s nothing wrong with that, it just means that you’re getting on with your life.

“Ms Mollsoy said her mother always had a smile on her face.”

She’s always had the best intentions in the world and she just never got to have it, she just got killed.

“Kelsey Mollory said the family was fortunate to have had the opportunity to help those in need.”

We’ve all had that one Christmas tree, and now we’ve got another, and we’re not going to let that one go,” she said.

They were looking forward to planting a new one in the spring.

Mr Molloys brother Paul was in his 20s and his sister in her 30s.

He said he was thankful that he had a family.”

You just want to help people and you don’t really care what happens to them, you just want them to have a good Christmas,” he said.”

But the fact that we were able to bring it up from the farm to the city, it’s just amazing.

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