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Truck driver dies in accident after farm tractor hit him on way to field

A tractor driver has died in a tractor crash on the side of the road near a field, an investigation has revealed.

The collision took place at around 6:30pm (NZT) on Saturday, February 26, near a farm in the village of Stirling.

“A tractor hit a farmer on his way to work, killing him instantly,” the National Transport Safety Bureau (NTSB) said in a statement on Sunday.

“The driver of the tractor, who was not injured, had been travelling at a speed of approximately 60 kilometres per hour when the incident occurred.”

The NTSB said the driver of a truck that was on the opposite side of Highway 15 in the area of the crash had also been travelling southbound at 60km/h when the accident occurred.”NTSBs investigators will continue to work closely with the relevant authorities to investigate the cause of the accident and any subsequent fatalities,” it said.

“This is a tragic accident and the NTSB is asking anyone who has information on this incident to contact the agency at 1800 1800 123 9.”

The farmer was identified as Richard Hughes, aged 75.

His death has been ruled a “serious but not life-threatening injury” according to a statement from the NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

“The deceased was travelling at about 60km per hour and was travelling on the northbound side of highway 15 when he was struck by the tractor,” it read.

The NTSBs investigators are continuing to work with the authorities to identify the cause and provide any additional information.

The driver, who has not been identified, is expected to undergo a post-mortem examination.