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What you need to know about Maple Leaf Farms’ Maple Leaf Day in Ottawa

Posted October 04, 2018 07:07:03 The Maple Leaf Farm has made it’s way back into the Ottawa Senators organization and is celebrating its first season in the National Hockey League.

The farm, located in Woodstock, Ontario, has been a staple of the Ottawa area for decades, but for the past two seasons it has been an official franchise member.

This year, it was announced that the farm would be making the trek to Ottawa for its first Maple Leaf celebration.

Here’s what you need a head start on your Maple Leaf adventure.


What is Maple Leaf Farming?

Maple Leaf farming is the practice of harvesting orchard and/orchard products for the production of meat, milk, eggs, cheese, cheese products, vegetables, fruit and other specialty food items, as well as some food that is sold for human consumption.

It is a relatively new and niche agricultural sector that has emerged in recent years and is an industry in its own right.

Maple Leaf’s founder and CEO, Joe Hickey, says he started the farm as a hobby in 1999 and it has since become a full-fledged farm with approximately 500 employees.

He says he first saw the need for an alternative to the dairy industry when he was contacted by a local farmer who was looking for a new way to raise his animals.

Hickey was able to recruit several farmers to start up the farm, and they have since expanded into a large operation, which includes a slaughterhouse, a processing plant, a storage facility and a plant to produce fresh milk.


What makes Maple Leaf farm special?

Hickey says the farm’s products are produced at a large facility that is 100% organic, using local materials.

The animals are raised outdoors, which gives them an opportunity to work in a natural environment and enjoy a wide variety of plant and animal species.

The production process involves harvesting trees that are planted on land leased by the farm and is then processed by a specially trained team of skilled hand-selectors who ensure the products are perfectly balanced, are fresh and free of pesticides and pathogens.

Hickels farm is one of only two operations in Canada that are certified organic, and it also has an extensive database of organic certified products available to customers.


What are the maple leaf farm’s biggest challenges?

Hickel says that the biggest challenge he and his team face is keeping up with growing demand for meat.

“We have had our fair share of competition from other operations that have had to scale back their production capacity due to seasonal weather or simply not being able to get a supply of the product we are looking for at that time,” Hickey said.

In addition to growing demand, Hickey and his staff also have to deal with the fact that their farm’s annual production is about one-third of what the dairy market requires.

That’s why the farm will be open every day from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., from May through October.


What do I need to do to get started?

Maple leaf farms are available for purchase and can be reached at any of the following locations: 1.

Maple Farms 2.

Woodstock Centre, on the south side of Woodstock 2.

St. Michael’s University (the farm’s location) 3.

Dufferin University, on Dufferins Road in Woodbridge, Ontario 4.

Dickson, on St. Mary’s Road, near Dicksonville in Ottawa.


Lansdowne Park, on Lansdownes Road in Lansdown, Ontario 6.

Northland, on Oak Bay Road in Northland 7.

Lansford Village, on Woodstock Boulevard in Lansford 8.

Woodbridge Community Centre, 531 Lansford Road, Woodstock 9.

Woodford Community Centre on Lansford 10.

Woodlands Community Centre (also on Lansworth Road in Oakville) 11.

Lansfield Community Centre near Lansworth 12.

Lansworth Community Centre 1041 Lansford Drive, Woodlands 13.

Lansville Community Centre 1015 Lansford Avenue, Woodville 14.

Lanswood Community Centre 1110 Lansford Highway, Woodside 15.

Lansland Community Centre 1122 Lansford Boulevard, Lansworth 16.

Lansport Community Centre 1 Lansford Ave., Lansdown 19.

Lansdale Community Centre 2 Lansford Way, Lansdale 20.

Lansley Community Centre 988 Lansdale Drive, Lansdown 21.

Lansbrook Community Centre 5 Lansbrook Street, Lansbrook 22.

Lansborough Community Centre 13 Lansborough Road, Lansborough 23.

Lansborrow Community Centre 23 Lansborough Street, Northwood 24.

Lansvale Community Centre 100 Lansdale Road, North Woodstock 25.

Lansbury Community Centre 50 Lansford Street, Woodbury 26.

Lansontown Community Centre 500 Lansford Place, Lansonton 27.

Lansmore Community Centre 14 Lanswood Avenue, Lansmore 28.

Lansquay Community Centre 17 Lansbrook Road, Lanmore 29.

Lansburgh Community Centre 33 Lanswood Road, Southwood 30.